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Jeb Bush
Ben Carson
Hillary Clinton
Ted Cruz
Carly Fiorina
Mike Huckabee
Marco Rubio
Bernie Sanders
Donald Trump

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Our political socialization begins when we are very young.  We learn our political beliefs from our parents, our family, our friends and in school.  We further develop those beliefs by our exposure to different types of media:  television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. The events the media covers, the way the cut their video footage, or the statements they choose to print (as well as the information the media chooses not to print) help formulate a candidate's image and what we think about that candidate.  As this media coverage influences our views about candidates, it also influences the success or failure of a political candidate. 

The Task

You will spend the next five weeks analyzing the media coverage a particular candidate receives from a variety of print news sources.  As you read the articles, you will begin to analyze the media's coverage of the candidate you have selected by creating an annotated bibliography.  At the conclusion of the project, you will write a three page paper that analyzes the impact of the media on the political process.


 Candidates and their Official Websites:

Jeb Bush
Hillary Clinton
Ben Carson
Bernie Sanders
Ted Cruz

Carly Fiorina

Mike Huckabee

Marco Rubio

Donald Trump

Polling Data:

Acceptable News Resources:

Acceptable Magazines
Boston Globe
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Los Angles Times
The Economist
Christian Science Monitor
Dallas Morning News
San Francisco Chronicle
Financial Times The Nation
New York Times (L)
Houston Chronicle
Seattle Times The Guardian
The New Republic
Wall Street Journal (C)
The Times Picayune

The Independent The Weekly Standard (C)
Washington Post (L)

Washington Times (C)

Tools for creating annotated bibliographies:

The Process

  1.   Select a candidate and become familiar with his / her platform:
  2. Monitor the candidates placement in the polls
  3. Each week, read three newspaper or magazine articles (these should be informative articles; they may not be editorials, opinions, commentaries, or letters to the editor) on your candidate.  Your articles must be from a variety of news sources and must include:  (1) conservative news source, (1) liberal news source, (1) foreign news source.
Weekly assignment: Final Project:


Congratulations!  You have now completed an extensive evaluation of the media coverage a candidate receives by the print media.  You have also developed a thorough understanding of the impact the media has on the political process and have learned to more critically evaluate the news any potential  news spin.

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