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The President of the United States is the Chief Executive of our nation.  In this capacity, he has enormous power and responsibility.  He directs the growth and direction of our nation, and he leads the effort to protect the nation if it is attacked.  By understanding our nation's Presidents and their administrations, the decisions they made and the decisions they chose not to make, we can better understand our nation's history. 

The Task

Create a Presidential Postcard for each assigned President.

On the front of the postcard, include:

On the back of the postcard, you will create a presidential resume to include:


Bailey is your first resource.  However, as you complete your postcards, you may find the following resources to be useful:

The Process

  1. Gather the necessary information using the above sources 
  2. Format the information in a resume format (see the George Washington example)
  3. Create the front of  the card with an appropriate image of the President as well as the appropriate information
  4. Proof-read your text; correct any spelling or grammar errors
  5. Print the 4x6 card (see Ms. Stedman if you need help with this) and submit by the due date:
Due Date
Due Date
John Adams

Benjamin Harrison

Thomas Jefferson

William McKinley

James Madison

Theodore Roosevelt

James Monroe

William Howard Taft

John Quincy Adams

Woodrow Wilson

Andrew Jackson

Warren Harding

Martin Van Buren

Calvin Coolidge

William Henry Harrison

Herbert Hoover

John Tyler

Franklin Roosevelt

James K. Polk

Harry Truman

Zachary Taylor

Dwight Eisenhower

Millard Fillmore

John F. Kennedy

Franklin Pierce

Lyndon Johnson

James Buchanan

Richard Nixon

Abraham Lincoln

Gerald Ford

Andrew Johnson

Jimmy Carter

Ulysses S. Grant

Ronald Regan

Rutherford B. Hayes

George Bush

James A.Garfield

William Clinton

Chester A. Arthur
George W. Bush

Grover Cleveland

Each postcard will be worth 25 points and will be graded according to this rubric.

Learning Advice

  1. Begin early
  2. Consult a variety of sources
  3. If you need help finding information, please ask - both Mrs. Corsetti and Ms. Stedman are good resources and can help you locate necessary information


As you complete the postcard for each President, you are achieving three goals:
  1. You are building an understanding of the political realities and events that each President faced;
  2. You are solidifying in your mind when events occurred in relation to each other; and
  3. You are creating an excellent review tool for the AP exam.

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