HSP Cougar Invitational Forensic Tournament

Competition Events:

Individual Events:  All events will follow the guidelines established by the National Catholic Forensic League. To access ballots and critique sheets for these events, click on the event link.

•    Extemporaneous Speaking (one round of foreign policy, one round domestic policy, and a third round will feature either social or economic policy questions.) Students will be allowed to use 1 3x5 note card during their presentation.  Each student draws three topics on current issues; chooses one and has thirty minutes to prepare a speech of a maximum length of seven minutes. Any periodical or other published material is permitted in the preparation room. Students may not refer to any written notes during the speech.

•    Impromptu Speaking (click on the link to see the ballot); Students will be allowed to use 1 3x5 note card during their presentation.  Students draw three speaking prompts (quotations, sentence completions, objections, general knowledge/ opinion questions) and selects one of which to he / she will respond.  The students will have 7 minutes to prepare and deliver a speech which responds to the prompt.  Students may divide their 7 minutes of time as they choose between preparation and speaking time.

•    Original Oratory (memorized event):  Students prepare original orations, usually persuasive or informative on a current topic. Any topic is permissible and any form of oration is permitted. The presentation must be memorized, with a maximum length of ten minutes.

•    Oral Interpretation of Literature (alternating rounds of Prose and Poetry) (source books allowed):  Students present selections in two categories -- prose and poetry. Each selection must be a maximum of ten minutes in length. The student must hold a manuscript and appear to be reading. The students alternate between rounds of prose and rounds of poetry.

•    Dramatic Interpretation of Literature (memorized event):  Student presents selections from published plays, screenplays, fictional or non-fictional works that are either serious or humorous in nature. The selections must be memorized with a maximum length of ten minutes.

•    Duo Interpretation of Literature (memorized event):  A presentation by two participants of a single selection of literature. Each performer may present one or more characters. Each character should be sufficiently developed and should interact meaningfully with the other characters. The sections must be memorized. Movement should be limited and suggested rather than exaggerated. The maximum length is ten minutes.

•    Student Congress (The deadline for receipt of student resolutions and bills for debate is Monday, November 10, 2008; packets of student legislation will be e-mailed to coaches and available on this website for download on Tuesday, November 11, 2008).

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